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Tường Vi
Tường ViHuman Resources
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"Being with Better Fluent is the most unforgettable experience in this year. I am much more confident now, understanding my potentials with many challenging but practical case studies in Soft skill part. This helps me a lot in my next career path. Thank you trainers and TAs."
TuấnIT Outsourcing
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"I wanted to learn English to talk and play with my son. Classes at Better Fluent help me improve my pronunciation and flow of speaking. Also, mini-project enhance presentation and confidence."
TìnhIT Outsourcing
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"I've been with several English Centers before and with Better Fluent, I see the difference. I become more confident in presenting mt ideas to other."
SiIT Outsourcing
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"It's good to have English course here. I have chance to improve my pronunciation, speaking and presentation skills. It's fun to study English here."
Minh Nguyệt
Minh NguyệtMarketing
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"Still remember the first day, I couldn't say a full sentence and not confident about myself at all. After the course, I am different now, much more confident and able to express ideas clearly to others. Thank you Better Fluent. And I also have many friends now. Love you all."
Văn Linh
Văn LinhIT Outsourcing
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"After the course, I am more confident in delivering my ideas to others. It's fun to be a part this class. I've improved my Pronunciation, Speaking skill and Soft skills in IT industry. Thank you Better Fluent."
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"It's fun and comfotable to study English at Better Fluent. I have good time to practice English with experienced and thoughtful trainers and apply soft skills to my job."
Quốc Cường
Quốc CườngIT Hospitality
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"I've been with some English centers, and with Better Fluent, I see the difference. I saw the dedication, profession of trainers and TAs at every class. My pronunciation has been improved a lot. And now I am more confident to communicate in English in global environment."
ÁnhHuman Resources
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"Studying at better Fluent in the most unforgettable event in 2023. Having new friends, learning new things, soft skill. On top of that, I am very confident to speak English in front of a lot of people, something I đin't have before."